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The season of tea, hoodies and scented candles is finally here.

It was about god damn time.

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The word ‘celebrity’ doesn’t mean anything to me



I don’t watch TV shows, I don’t read magazines or newspapers, I very rarely watch new films, all those ‘celebrities’ and people on my dash, I have no clue who they are or what they do, and I don’t care.

These people contribute nothing to life apart from a cute face and and a scandal now and then, they are really nobody’s….to me anyway.

So expect me to scroll very quickly past tweet posts and people with well shampooed hair.

Hear, hear!

Drømde mik en drøm i nat
National Museum of Denmark
I Dreamt Me A Dream



For people who are actually interested in how viking music might have sounded, “Drømde mik en drøm i nat" (/I dreamt a dream last night) is the earliest music (and lyrics) known in Scandinavia preserved on the last page of the (~1200-1300) Codex Runicus as rune notes.

The song and melody is still known and used today in most of Scandinavia, as a sort of folk-standard. This version, deceivingly slow in the beginning, is presented as close to the original sound of the years 900-1000 as historians think they can come.

This song might have survived because it was a gigantic hit, like the viking’s very own “Billie Jean”. A total pop slayer that stayed around long enough for music notes to be invented.

The more you know.

Cool as hell

Kajbacken sent i augusti. (på/i Hultom, Västernorrlands Län, Sweden)

Kajbacken sent i augusti. (på/i Hultom, Västernorrlands Län, Sweden)

You are Arya of Winterfell, daughter of the North. You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you.

Funeral For Erang
Within The Land Of My Imagination I Am The Only God

Funeral for Erang by Erang from Within the Land of My Imagination I am the Only God. Self-released, 2014.



Lugburz (1995)
Minas Morgul (1995)
Dol Guldur (1996)
Nightshade Forests (1997)
Stronghold (1999)
Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (2001)
Lost Tales (2003)
Oath Bound (2006)
Old Mornings Dawn (2013)

Limited Edition presses.

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I love when I get so into a book that I don’t even realize I’m reading it